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26 February 2009 @ 09:31 pm
Hi eveybody!

I hope you're all excited about the Sydney Mardi Gras! I know I am. I'm marching with a group of about 25-ish trans people, crossdressers, genderqueers, etc and other assorted family and friends.

Here are the details one last time:


When: 4PM on SATURDAY the 7th


What if I can't find you in the park?: CALL 0404905100 (Robyn) or 0408922699 (Ryan)

Can I bring a friend?: YES!

Do I have to be trans?: No. A bunch of us are trans, but we welcome anyone who thinks trannies are awesome!

Do you have fabulous trans rights placards?: SUPER FABULOUS!

Does it cost anything?: If you can spare $15 to cover our expenses (such as, for example, buying you a fabulous green t-shirt) that'd be nice. Otherwise, we'll understand, you can still march with us.

Should I bring anything?: Bring water, or money to buy overpriced botted water. Maybe a snack. You'll be waiting hours for the parade to start and I don't want anybody collapsing halfway down Oxford Street.

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Asexual meetup groups are springing up across the globe. This Saturday, February 7th there will be meetings in York and London (UK) and in Sydney, Australia.

For more info on these meetups and other future and potential meets up, check out the AVEN Meetup Mart.

Please also feel free to list any additional asexual meetups here, or if you wish to put out info for people to contact you over a potential meetup.

Upstart Alley VIII - Pervy performance, rocking music, seedy side show entertainment and debauchery for all you misfits, queers and trans folk!

Gasworks Theatre, Gasworks Arts Park
Corner Graham and Pickles Streets, Albert Park

Sat, February 7th, Bar opens 8.30pm, Show start 9pm

Tickets $13 concession or group bookings/full $20
Bookings: t: 9699 3253 or www. gasworks. org. au

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Hi everybody!

A group of transsexual/transgender/crossdresser/genderqueer/etc people and our friends and partners are going to join the parade under the name "Tranny Panic!" with a general trans rights/trans pride theme. If you want to walk with us (come on, it's lots of fun!) then please email me at baglieg@gmail.com.

If you have a short snappy transsexual/transgender/crossdresser/genderqueer/etc related slogan you'd like to see on a placard, you can email me that too!

The parade is on the evening of the 7th of March. To be part of the parade you have to be there several hours before the parade starts, so plan to be in Sydney all afternoon. Book accommodation early if you're from out of town like me.

Hi folks,
Just spreading the word, its shaping up to be a good one!


Upstart Alley VIII Sat Feburary 7th 2009 - www.myspace.com/upstartalley

Pervy performance, rocking music, seedy side show entertainment and debauchery for all you misfits, queers and trans folk!

Topping off Gasworks’ Midsumma season the Upstart Alley troupe brings you another raucous performance party, teeming with dazzling displays of bent pervy performance, gender piracy and rocking tunes. Step right up for an action packed show from performers from near and far including Kellijean Drinkwater (Syd), Yumi Umiumare, Wes Snelling, Kaboobie (Adel), The Bad Father (Adel) and music from psychobilly rockers The Vaudevillains, DJ Linx and more!

Upstart Alley VIII boasts a grimy vaudeville style show featuring seedy side show entertainment and rocking live music. Belt yourselves into your seats to witness spectacular feats of gender defiance and glamorous rebellion by our outstanding and outlandish performers. Upstart Alley has been rockin Melbourne audiences for the last two years, jump starting thoughts and libidos. We refuse to force people into ill-fitting gender (or other) categories and create spaces where the whole range of identities bump and grind against each other and redefine and mess with the binaries that box us all in.

Upstart Alley VIII
Gasworks Theatre, Gasworks Arts Park
Corner Graham and Pickles Streets, Albert Park
Sat, February 7th, Bar opens 8.30pm, Show start 9pm
Tickets $13 concession or group bookings/full $20
Bookings: t: 9699 3253 or www.gasworks.org.au

Media Contact: Liz Alexander t: 0403 699 810: email address: upstartalley@yahoo.com.au

Belt yourselves into your seats, Adelaide cos here comes a raucous
performance party teeming with dazzling displays of bent pervy
performance, rocking live music and gender piracy. Melbourne’s infamous
Upstart Alley troupe and Feast brings you cabaret performance from the
likes of Astro (Melb), Wife (Syd), Switch (London) and local Loki Kaos Rickus! The music
mayhem and slutty side show entertainment continues with live tunes from
Berlin’s sexed up electropunk Team Plastique and the (not so) straight out
punk and rockabilly antics of Ikochi all the way from Tokyo.

Upstart Alley is a Melbourne not for profit, trouble makin’ crew putting
on events full of genderfuck and pervy performance for all you misfits,
trans folks, queers and straighties. We keep our event prices as low as we
can go and are committed to holding events at wheelchair accessible venues
with gender neutral toilets to boot!

So Upstarters living in Adelaide or those looking for an excuse to head

Upstart Alley VII, November 21st, Higher Ground Theatre Space,
9-15 Light Square Adelaide, 10pm. $20/$30

05 November 2008 @ 12:14 pm
Hi all!

A Gender Agenda are doing a survey of intersex, transsexual, transgender, crossdresser, genderqueer, gender diverse, etc people.

Please do the survey! It's on the net here.

While you're at it, we'd love it if you distribute the link to people you know, it is:

Please note, that the survey is for people in the ACT and surrounding regions. If you are not within 50km of the ACT, please don't fill in the survey, as we'll just have to discard your answers anyway, and that would suck.

We're hoping to do a national survey if this one is a success, so you will be heard eventually :)

Anyway, here's the official blurb from our coversheet/flyer.Collapse )
We thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.

If you would like any further information, please email us at admin@agenderagenda.org.au or survey@agenderagenda.org.au

*The Zoe Belle Gender Centre Afternoon Tea*

"Celebrate our progress. Hear where we're at and how you can get involved."

Zoe Belle Gender Centre will be a centre to support and improve the health and wellbeing of people of all genders.

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16 October 2008 @ 10:09 pm

Its close to midnight and something evils lurking in the dark
Under the moonlight you see a sight that almost stops your heart
Yes that right, its going to be a thriller night this Halloween @ Fabrik.
The Night creatures call and the dead start to walk in their masquerade October 31st @ Eurotrash.

Theme: Hammer Horror
Dress to strike fear into the hearts of passers-by!

9PM Onwards, cheap drinks before 10PM.

(Venue has outdoor smoking area)

Our lovely DJs are back once more including Carry_TheZero, Post-Percy and MellyDee & Little Cake.