Queering for a Gayer Tomorrow

Queer Youth of Australia and NZ
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Welcome! This community was created for all the queer kids in Australia and NZ and anybody else to talk about queer related issues that pertain to the particular needs and lifestyles to people residing in Australia living in a really queer way anything. And to form bonds and strengthen ties within our community.

Membership is open to everyone. However you identify, be it boy, boi, girl, grrl, queer, gay, bi, pan, trans, trannyfag/dyke, flamer, homo, dyke, girlrobot, lesbian, boigrrl, two souled, andro, boidyke, genderqueer, guydyke, girlfag, intersexed, tomboy, princess, intergendered, bi-gendered, no-gendered, third-gendered, you-gendered. Be you a king, a queen, a court jester, whatever. We think that's brilliant. You in general, are great.

When you join feel free to post an intro or whatever.


Play nice. No arguments or name calling. Debate is allowed, but personal attacks are a no.
No derogatory language of any kind. Mean.
Do not post surveys, memes or quizes. Spam.
No promoting unless relevant. Again, spamage.
Keep netspeak to a minimum. Some people find it hard to read.
No nudity. Kiddies are about.

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